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Warranty conditions for customers booking at Prague Central Camp


Service provider:

PA Gastronomic s.r.o

Company address Primátorská 241,Libeň, 180 00 ,Praha 8

IČ: 04364201



1- General terms.

The company PA Gastronomic, IČ 04364201. ….(now on referred to as the landlord) publishes in accordance with legal decree no 634/1992 Sb., consumer rights currently addressed by legal decree no 89/2012 Sb., of the current consumer rights act the following warranty conditions, further referred to as Warranty


The subject of these Warranty conditions of the landlord in relation to the tenant (now on referred to as the client) resulting from the responsibilities for faults in supplied services or goods. Further this Warranty covers accommodation services, transport services and sales of peripherals.


2- Rights of the client in regard to services.

The landlord is responsible for correct and timely delivery of ordered and confirmed services. The landlord is responsible to inform the client of all aspects and conditions of the ordered services.


The client has the right to a warranty claim in the situation when there is a failing in the supplied services or a fault in the supplied goods, the warranty covers repair, exchange, completion, if needed supply of substitute new services, a suitable discount on the agreed fee for goods and services.


3- Warranty claim process.

The client is obliged to make the warranty claim without delay, so a solution can be negotiated in situ. The warranty claim can be filed either oraly or in written form. In regard to written claims conditions in part 5 of this warranty apply.


When the warranty claim is made by the client, all relevant documents pertaining to supplied services or goods must be presented. The client will also provide any additional relevant information to aid in settling the claim. All information should be complete and truthful. If needed the client will allow access to employees of the landlord to the rented accommodation to enable evaluation, repairs etc.


4.1- Special conditions for certain services.



4.1.1- Accommodation services.

Warranty claims in regard to accommodation are to be made with the landlord without delay. The right to claim lapses if not made prior to the checking out of the client.


The client has the right to request free of charge swift removal and rectification of faults, generally by replacement or repair of smaller items of the apartment contents. If the situation arises that the fault cannot be technically solved in the rented apartment (central heating fault, low water pressure, lack of warm water, problem with mains electricity etc) If it is not possible to offer the client alternative accommodation..........the client has a right to a discount on the basic price of the accommodation after both parties negotiations. Or termination of contract usually prior to spending the night with refund of monies paid for accommodation.


5- Warranty claim process.

If the client chooses to make a warranty claim as is their right in regard to faulty services, it is the duty of the accommodation staff to investigate the situation, if found at fault are to settle immediately. If the situation proves to be more complicated settlement must happen within 10 days, into this period are not counted days requiring services of expert witnesses. The maximum period allowed before settlement cannot exceed 30 days after the clients notification.


In the situation of an accepted warranty claim, the landlord is required to rectify the fault at no cost to the client or offer a suitable discount.


In the situation of a declined warranty claim, the landlord is required to obtain a independent second opinion in regard to the supplied goods or services. If the investigation proves that the warranty claim is unfounded the client is responsible for all costs.


If the verbal request for a warranty claim is not settled immediately, the member of staff dealing with the claim is required to write a warranty protocol . In the protocol there will be noted the clients details, the landlords details, details of the member of staff addressing the issue, the date of when the claim was made, the subject of the claim and the request to solve the issue. If the client supples the member of staff with documents or other exhibits in respect of the claim these will be noted in the protocol also. When complete both the member of staff and the client will sign the protocol, the client will receive one copy of the document.


6- Closing notes

This warranty conditions is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of landlord..


These warranty conditions are valid from 1/10/2015



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