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Privacy Policy



In accordance with applicable legal regulations, we provide you with information related to your order of stay and other services with the operator of Prague central camp Naprostá pohoda, s.r.o. (hereinafter "the camp") and which is related to the fulfillment of Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU No. 2016/ 679. 

I. Handling of personal data

When you express your interest in the services, by placing an order or by negotiating a contract, the Camp obtains the personal data of the Customer (Customer), i.e. first and last name (ID, VAT number), residential address (business address), e-mail delivery address, telephone number for processing. These data are mandatory and serve to uniquely identify the Customer (Orderer) and thereby validly enter into a contractual relationship for a specific required service. When entering accommodation, the number of a valid personal document is added to the given list of personal data, or birth number of the Customer (Orderer). The consequence of not providing the required data is that the requested stay or service will not be arranged or carried out. The customer (Orderer) is responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the personal data provided. In the event that a person orders the service for the benefit of third parties, by submitting the order, he confirms that he is authorized to provide the personal data of these persons specified in the order for the purpose of providing services. 

The above personal data is processed by Naprostá pohoda, s.r.o. in order to fulfill:

  • legal obligations (especially in the accounting and tax field);

  • obligations necessary to ensure the protection of rights and the exercise of the company's legal claims;

  • for the purposes of recording local recreational fees and passing them on to the relevant authority. If the client is not a citizen of the Czech Republic, the camp is obliged to keep the client's personal data in the register for the foreign police and make them available in accordance with the obligations (to the extent of the data according to the applicable legislation).

Personal data is processed by the company Naprostá pohoda, s.r.o., Hartigova 1601/140, Prague 3, 130 00, office address Prague central camp, Nad Ohradou 17, Prague 3, 130 00,, (hereinafter just "Camp") for the purpose of providing services under the contract or order. The personal data provided are made available to camp employees (receptionists, accountants, managers), or the night watchman as well as those who are authorized to offer and sell services provided by the campsite. These workers are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the client's personal data, even after the end of the employment relationship. Personal data will be processed automatically and manually, in electronic and paper form, to the specified extent and for the specified purpose. The provided personal data is the company Naprostá pohoda, s.r.o. authorized to process and collect for the duration of the contractual relationship with the client (Customer, Orderer) and another 5 years starting from the end of the accounting period in which the contractual relationship ended (necessary primarily due to the requirements of the Accounting Act No. 563/1991).

Dear clients, if the camp requests personal data from you other than those mentioned above and does not state when providing them that it is mandatory data, does not provide a justification (e.g. legal obligation), it is data provided voluntarily for the purpose of fulfilling an order or other, another contractual relationship. At the same time, the camp hereby informs you that if you provide your e-mail contact, it will use it together with your name and surname in the future (in accordance with the so-called legitimate interest) for its marketing purposes, for the purpose of further accommodation offers and possibilities use of other services provided by Olšovec s.r.o. and for the purpose of offering participation in other organized events. With regard to this notice, it is not necessary to provide your consent 


The operation of the camera system contributes to increasing the safety of camp clients and property protection. It is operated by Naprostá pohoda, s.r.o., in accordance with legal regulations. If necessary (e.g. PČR requirements), information is also processed by a contractually secured company. 

III. Photography, video recording

During the events organized in the camp, photographs and video recordings are taken in order to document their progress. Pictures and videos are published on the camp's website, Facebook profiles, photo galleries, and forwarded to other media. This is normal documentation of actions that can be carried out without notification and consent of the client. If you do not agree with the said communication in relation to your person, contact us in writing at the email address


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